Drip Bag Coffee - Single Origin Special - 10ct

Drip Bag Coffee - Single Origin Special - 10ct
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8-10g ground coffee per bag, 10 bags per box

A mixture of 2 Single Origin Special Coffee includes:

5 x Kenya AA (Drip Bag)

5 x Luwak (Drip Bag)

Freshly Roasted & Packed in Hong Kong

8-10g ground coffee per bag


Kenya AA

Kеnуаn Arаbіса generally grоwn on rісh volcanic ѕоіlѕ found іn the highlands bеtwееn 1,400 tо 2,000 mеtеrѕ аbоvе sea level, Kenya AA is grоwn аt еlеvаtіоnѕ hіghеr than 6,600 fееt, which allows them to grow slower and absorb more nutrients to develop flavors. The high plateaus of Kenya produce coffee beans with a full body and rich, strong flavour with a very pleasant acidity. Thе fragrant аrоmа also has floral tones, with a wіnеу finish/aftertaste thаt also hаѕ citrus аnd berry overtones.

Aroma: grape, black tea, nuts

Acidity: Medium

Body: Juicy

Flavour: Wine



Luwak Coffee is considered one of the rarest and most expensive coffee in the world. Originated from the Sumatra area in Indonesia. Luwak coffee is now served at many cafes around the world to the most discerning coffee lovers.

Wahana Estate Luwak Coffee is produced in Sumatra, Indonesia, under the strictest quality control and production procedures ensuing the highest possible coffee production. Every batch of Wahana green beans are hand picked and individual packaged and certified to ensure consistent quality.

Aroma: Earthy, Truffle, Berry

Acidity: Medium low

Body: Super smooth and full body

Flavour: Distinct Sumarta coffee flavour

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