About Us

Welcome to Ouch.hk, a community of Hong Kong locals and expats looking to give you the products that you want, when you want them.


Ouch is an online store that sells consumable products from all over the world. While the selection of the international products currently available in most local supermarkets are dictated by conglomerates and corporations focusing purely on profit, we look to stock a large variety of the quality international products that you want to buy, leaving the choice to you. Yet because we started from within Hong Kong’s busy expat community, we also understand that convenience is of vital importance. You can order any of our products from the comfort of your home, office or even via your mobile, and we deliver everything right to your doorstep. It’s as easy as that. 


That doesn’t mean this will cost you though, as our online store allows us to keep our prices low, and it also provides quick and easy means for you to send us feedback, either about our services or request new products. 


So take a look at what we currently have available, or drop us a line requesting what we should stock next. Remember, at Ouch.hk it's all about YOU!